The UK Slackline Club was established during the lockdown of 2020 with the aim of supporting and promoting all forms of slacklining across the UK. We are a fully inclusive democratic organisation run by our members for the benefit of our members and all slackliners.

The UKSC is a full voting member of the International Slackline Association and fully supports the work of the ISA and fosters strong links with our international friends and clubs.

The Aims and Objectives of the Club:
  • To promote the interests of slacklining in all forms amongst members of the Club and to the wider public
  • To provide an opportunity for members of the club to meet and participate in slackline activities together
  • To act on behalf of and in the interests of Club members
  • To promote awareness of the need to maintain access, conservation and environmental protection* in all environments where slacklining is practised
  • To take part in and support the work and activities of the ISA

* This includes protecting trees, their bark and cambrium